About the Author

Meet the author and encourager behind Gift Aborted and get a feeling for the heart behind the message. She prides herself on being an impact, encouraging self-worth, and extracting gifts to help you explore your purpose.

Bridgette Moody


Bridgette Moody is a passionate about purpose and understanding why you exist and your role to play in life and in the life of others. Bridgette’s purpose is to encourage, motivate and impact lives. Helping others to find the right fit for the right skill with a proven method. Gift Aborted is one element of this process. Emotionally, it is important that we are healthy, whole, and confident about who we are. It is the catalyst to helping us be who we are created to be. Gift Aborted will help you with finding your purpose and your purpose will help you find your life and live it to its fullest.

Email me: Bridgette@bridgettemoody.com

Impacting Others

Speaker & Encourager

Bridgette’s purpose and passion is to speak into the lives of others, encouraging them to be their best self. She has a heart for extracting potential and see others grow and utilize the gift, purpose, and call on their life to make a difference.

Empowering Others

Workshop & Conference Facilitator

Bridgette enjoys sharing the practical application and tools of how to extract the gift, the dream, and the goals and getting them on paper. Helping to illuminate the gift helps to maximize the skill thereby helping individuals to function and operate in the right role, job, industry, and purpose for life. It results in exponential growth and self-awareness to impact the environments in which we all work and live every day.

Workshop/Conference Opportunities: http://www.pen2paper.biz

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